What We Provide?

We provide services with a team of experts who have proved themselves in the field of hair transplant and hair aesthetics over many years. It follows technological advancements and treatment methods all over the world and aims to offer you the best services.

Our aim is to improve the success rate in hair transplant and achieve high level customer satisfaction. Each operation is carried out in fully-equipped contracted hospitals, in sterilized operating rooms.

Customized hair transplant provides maximum number of graft transplants for the individual’s need. With mega session hair transplant, it is possible to transplant over 5000 grafts, up to 6000 grafts in a single session.

Clinic Services

Optional accommodation transfer services are also available (airport- hotel, hotel- hospital, hospital-hotel).

Travel Services

Transfer and accommodation services are offered to visitors from abroad. Accommodation transfer operations (airport-hotel, hotel-hospital, hospital-hotel) are also available upon request.

Enquire Price Range Name
Hair Transplant
10000 TL - 12000 TL 4000 Greft
12000 TL - 14000 TL 6000 Greft
14000 TL - 16000 TL 4000 Greft (DHI)
1900€ - 3900€ 5000 - 6000 Greft with PRP
1700€ - 3700€ 3000 - 4000 Greft
1900€ - 3900€ 3000 - 4000 Greft (Hotel)
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